Pyrolysis Technology

We have developed industrial biochar projects using various technologies and pyrolysis plants from across the world.

You can now benefit from our learnings over the last couple of years. All of these have flown into the R&D for our PyroCCS pyrolysis technology, which we are now opening up for procurement through third parties.


Designed & Engineered in Germany

Manufactured Locally in the Global South

Optimised for the Global South

Low Emissions

Robust & Reliable

High-Tech Carbon Removal

High Carbon Content

Highest Biochar Quality

Low CapEx

Fully Certifiable

PyroCCS, through its subsidiary PyroNam, was the first project developer ever to successfully create high-quality, industrial EBC C-Sink Carbon Credit on the African continent.

The Global South is one of the most challenging geographies to set up Industrial Biochar projects. We know about the obstacles that project developers will likely face and have developed solutions for most of them.To operate biochar projects in the Global South at maximum profitability, a lot of factors need to “hit the spot”.


Biomass Supply Chains

Equipment Maintenance

Workforce Availability & Discipline

Number of Operational Hours

Longevity of Pyrolysis Equipment

Availability of Spareparts & Repair Knowledge

We are happy to share our learnings with you, enabling you to run an efficient, sustainable, profitable and longlasting project.


We have developed a large range of unique pyrolysis technologies which we are gladly fitting to your individual situation regarding type of biomass, quantity of biomass, specifications of biomass, weather conditions, geographical location and other important factors.

Agriculture Residues

Food Industry Waste

Woody Biomass

Municipal Waste Biomass

Develop your own biochar carbon removal projects with our innovative technology made for the Global South. Wondering what is different to other technologies in the market? We would love to explain more. Here are some teasers.

PyroCCS SCB Technology

Our low-cost, robust semicontinuous batch technology fully powered by solar energy for deployment in rural, decentralised settings. The system is optimised for the extraction of biooils as byproducts (wood vinegar and wood tar).

Rapid setup times of less than five months allow deployment at large scale.

The SCB technology works extremely well in arid climates with more coarse feedstock like logs, branches, bamboo or briquettes.

PyroCCS XS Technology

Our containerised continuous XS technology is ideal for decentralised deployment with a small footprint.

The robust Gravity Reactor technology requires a minimum amount of maintenance and cleaning. Extremely high pyrolysis temperatures create biochar with a maximum yield of organic carbon.

The XS technology works well in all climatic zones. The system has a lot of waste heat that can be used to dry biomass even in wet conditions. The system works with finer biomass fractions like pellets, wood chips, nut shells etc.

PyroCCS XL Technology

Our XL technology is the “big brother” of the XS technology.

It works with significantly larger biomass streams e.g. from industrial food processing. It has enough waste heat to not only dry the biomass but also provide further excess heat for industrial boilers etc.

The system is highly modular and can accommodate future expansion.

Biomass Inputup to 3,500 tons per yearup to 4,800 tons per yearup to 25,000 tons per year
Biochar Outputup to 1,100 tons per yearup to 1,800 per yearup to 8,000 tons per year
Carbon Creditsup to 2,200 per yearup to 4,000 per yearup to 18,000 per year
Reactor TypeSemi Continuous Batch SystemContinuous Gravity Reactor SystemContinuous Gravity Reactor System
FeedstockCoarse biomass with maximum 15% moisture e.g. logs, branches, bamboo, wood cuttings, briquettes etc.Finer biomass e.g. pellets (from various biomasses like straw, coffee husk, saw dust, EFB), wood chips, nut shells, corn cobs etc.Finer biomass e.g. pellets (from various biomasses like straw, coffee husk, saw dust, EFB), wood chips, nut shells, corn cobs etc.
Pyrolysis Temperaturesup to 550 degrees celsiusup to 900 degrees celsiusup to 900 degrees celsius
ByproductsYes, wood tar and wood vinegarNoNo
Waste Heat for DryingNoYes, separate dryer requiredYes
Pyrolysis Gas RecyclingYesYesYes
Operational Hours24/7, 330 days per year24/7, 320 days per year24/7, 320 days per year
Recommended GeographiesArid, dry climate or where storage and drying of large amounts of biomass is possibleAllAll
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