Biochar Plug & Play Solutions

Biochar Carbon Credit Plug & Play Solutions

You are the expert in biomass sourcing and local operations!

We are the experts in pyrolysis technologies and high-value biochar carbon credit generation!

Our “Industrial Biochar Carbon Removal Plug & Play Packages” are tailored for project developers and biomass owners in the Global South.

There are many factors which can influence the prices of your carbon credits and the biochar you make. We have optimised them all. With our carefree package, consisting of three main components, we will enable you to run your own smooth, reliable and profitable industrial biochar carbon removal projects.


Based on the biomass details you are providing to us we will initially conduct a free “Biomass Evaluation”.

We have pyrolysis machinery for every type of biomass and we will recommend you a machinery type that will perfectly fit your biomass specifications. We will also advise you on biomass preparation (if required) and on the infrastructure that can be used or has to be built.

Our machinery has been designed in Germany and is manufactured in the Global South (currently in India and Indonesia).


Innovative Technology optimised for the Global South

Short Delivery times starting from 2.5 months for the SCB-4.

Highest Quality Biochar with 92%+ Carbon Content for XTechnology

Onsite Setup Support & Workers Training

Low in Emissions & Maintenance (online maintenance)

Carbon Credit Certification Service

After the pyrolysis plant has been set up, we will take care of everything that is related to registering and maintaining your project with the carbon standard of your choice. You can fully focus on ground operations. Certification usually takes around 2 months.


Biochar Lab Testing

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)

Plant Audits & Certification

Verification of Carbon Credits

C-Sink Manager Role

Entry of Carbon Credits in Registry

dMRV+ Tracking Software

“When choosing which carbon credits to purchase, buyers prioritize quality, which they define as permanence of CO2 removal well as MRV.” - The Time for Carbon Removal Has Come Report by Boston Consulting Group (September 2023)

PyroCCS Sarva Carbon is our accredited, state-of-the art digital Monitoring, Reporting and Validation (dMRV+) software which is directly connected with the Carbon Credit registries. Apart from collecting more than 100 data points during each process from biomass sourcing to carbon sink location, the system is also a workflow management software that helps you optimise your operational efficiency. With that you can generate more carbon credits and biochar at less costs.

Our system also helps you showcase all the co-benefits efficiently to offtakers, enabling you to achieve maximum prices for your carbon credits.

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