For healthy soil.
For cleaner air.
For better business.
Turn unneeded biomass into valuable biochar
Profit from negative emission certificates
Support your local planet
Our goal: the promotion of PyCCS as a global strategy
Pyrogenic carbon capture and storage (PyCCS) is a carbon sequestration technology that can mitigate climate change while improving soil fertility
Biochar: a big win for communities and the world
  • biomass turned into high- carbon residue by „clean“ pyrolysis
  • ...creates much needed jobs (harvesting, production, sequestration...)
  • indefinitely stable if stored in the ground (carbon sink) and therefore able to slow the growth of atmospheric greenhouse gas
  • ...significantly enhances soil health, leads to greater crop yields and helps fight hunger
  • a valuable resource for industrial applications
  • ...if stored in carbon sinks effectively removes carbon dioxide and produces lucrative negative emission certificates
Imagine the CO2 that could be removed worldwide
Up to tons CO2 from crop residue
Up to 1.500.000.000 tons CO2 from invasive plants
Up to tons CO2 from forestry residue
Passion meets experience

Carlos Arrufat and Timo Herbrand have been close friends since childhood. Professionally, they took different paths. Carlos became a specialist in gardens and trees as a graduate engineer. Timo founded a real estate company after studying business administration, which he took public at the age of 30. Since 2008, Timo has been a private investor in real estate and prop tech. In recent years, climate tech business models have come into focus. After a conversation in 2019 about the incredible benefits of consistently using PyCCS, Carlos and Timo decided to combine their skills and develop a biochar strategy that is both environmentally sound and economically lucrative. PyroCCS' vision is to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change by implementing the Biochar strategy.

Showcase Namibia
A growing challenge
45mil hectares of land are made unusable by invasive bush species
14mil tons of new bushes per year continue to increase the problem
-60% decline of commercial livestock over the last 40 years because of bush encroachment
>1.300 companies organised in the Namibia Charcoal Association turn bush wood into charcoal for export
71.2mil tons of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) were emitted 2009 by charcoal production in tropical ecosystems
Showcase Namibia
From problem to potential
400 of our clean pyrolysis plants will be installed until 2028
1.000 tons biochar/year capacity per plant
-2.000 tons CO2/year removed by every plant
13 new jobs created per plant
Comprehensive services from A to Z.
  • We initiate biochar projects in countries with high biomass inputs such as crop residues, invasive plants and organic waste
  • We deliver biomass specific equipment – robust, easy to use, economical and made for the decentralised use in developing markets
  • We cooperate and create joint ventures with local partners and supply unique processes, software and know how needed to certify and monetise carbon sink claims
  • Capacity building – together with local institutions and international development organisations we create laboratory, audit and training capacities in the project countries
  • We help national and international institutions create a local/national biochar market through by implementing projects with local farmers to improve crop yields and reduce dependence on artificial fertilisers