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High-Tech Industrial Biochar Carbon Credit Plug & Play Packages for the Global South

We provide you with everything you need to set up your own Biochar Carbon Removal (BCR) projects. Generate your first own high-value Biochar Carbon Credits within 5 months.

Pyrolysis Machinery

dMRV+ Tracking Software

Carbon Credit Certification Service

Why PyroCCS?

Facing regular breakdowns with your existing pyrolysis machinery?

Not sure which technology fits your biomass?

Facing challenges with decentralised/remote locations?

Not sure where to start to set up a new Biochar Carbon Removal project?

We have developed our own BCR projects and were the first company ever to generate high-tech industrial EBC C-Sink Carbon Credit in Africa. So we know all about the weaknesses and challenges of pyrolysis machinery and getting projects registered to generate Carbon Credits in the Global South. We packed all our technical and procedural know-how in our Biochar Carbon Credit-Plug & Play Packages.


PyroCCS Advantages

Robust & Reliable Pyrolysis Technology

Low-Cost Machinery

Built for 10 years+ project life

Profitable Projects & Quick Return on Investment

Designed in Germany for the Global South

Short Lead Times & Rapid Project Setup

Carefree setup with dMRV + & Certification Services

Environmental friendly & Low in Emissions

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Full Commitment for a Greener World

Our Mission & Vision

High-Tech Biochar

Most of world’s High-Tech Biochar Carbon Removal projects are in the Global North.

Climate Change

PyroCCS helps to empower those countries that are suffering most from Climate Change but contribute least to it.

Global South Solutions

We leverage the massive potential of BCR in the Global South by developing projects and providing affordable and profitable pyrolysis solutions for all types of agricultural & industrial waste biomass streams.

PyroCCS Scalability

Aiming at Gigaton BCR - PyroCCS is all about scalability with an objective to set up 550 plants by 2028.

Our Partners

Our Certification Partners

Our Projects

PyroCCS develops own industrial and artisanal BCR projects across the world. One of our key projects is PyroNam in Namibia, Africa.

Namibia has a massive problem with bush encroachment. It is a national emergency threatening biodiversity and agriculture in the stunning savanna landscape. We are setting up hundreds of decentralised, remote PyroCCS SCB-4 pyrolysis plants to capture carbon and help restore the savanna ecosystem.


Million tons of
existing encroachment
Million tons of
every year
Million tons CO2 equivalent as realistic yearly carbon removal potential through PyroNam

Carbon Credit Offtake

From our own projects and from our customers projects, we are able to provide access to a diversified portfolio of highest-quality, highest-integrity Carbon Credits from a large range of countries in the Global South.

The various projects are loaded with co-benefits, supporting up to 11 SDGs. All fully trackable and traceable from biomass source to carbon sink via our dMRV+ software, PyroCCS Sarva Carbon. With our large base of planned and implemented own and third-party projects we are able to serve all quanities and requirements.

Free biochar to smallholder farmers and NGOs like the “Rhino Momma Project” in Namibia which work on the protection and rehabilitation of the White Rhinoceros in Africa

Jobs for unskilled youth in rural areas with 60%+ unemployment. We have for example 20 underprivileged youngsters employed in our plant in Otjiwarongo. They are provided with free housing and various upward movement opportunities.

Carbon Credit Spot Procurement

Carbon Credit PrePurchase Agreements

Carbon Credit Forward Deals

Invest in Profitable, Scaleable, BCR Projects

TOP60 out of 1,132 participants in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Milestone Competition

“ This is one of the most thoughtful and sophisticated biochar proposals I’ve seen.”

Milestone Competition Judge Panel Feedback

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