Our Projects

The team at PyroCCS is extremely passionate about empowering the Global South in playing a major role inClimate Change mitigation.

“In the struggle to manage climate change, cities in the Global South will be the front line.” – IPCC SixthAssessment Report (Link with a footnote https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg2/ )

PyroCCS, via its various subsidiaries, is setting up own Industrial and Artisanal biochar carbon removal projects to help turn the tides for the Global South.

We set up projects in a way that most of the value created stays in the Global South countries. In some countrieswe are able to keep over 90% of value creation in the local economy.


Operational Industrial Projects


Operational Industrial & Artisanal Projects


Planned Industrial Projects


Planned Industrial Projects

PyroCCS is always happy to discuss new project opportunities with investors and biomass owners.

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